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"Some of our Products & Services"

✔ Repair and installation of faucets
✔ Repair and installation of garbage disposals
✔ Dishwasher installation
✔ Installation on-demand hot water systems
✔ Installation of ice maker water lines
✔ Repair of leaky drains
✔ Unstop clogged drains

✔ Installation of new fixtures
(toilets, faucets, and tub/shower faucets)
✔ Repair of existing fixtures
✔ Unstop toilet, sink and tub drains

✔ Repair and installation of hot/cold shut-offs and drains
✔ Dryer vent cleaning
✔ Installation of utility sinks

We also do...
✔ New construction, remodeling, and additions
✔ Whole-house repipe of water and sewer systems
✔ Leak detection

Water Heaters
✔ New water heater installation (electric or gas)
✔ Internal and external tankless water heater installation (natural gas or propane)
✔ Repair and tune-up of existing units (to maximize efficiency)
✔ Re-location of water heaters
✔ Whole-house hot water recirculation systems

Outside the Home
✔ Repair and installation of outside faucets
✔ Repair and installation of water service (from meter to home)
✔ Repair, installation, cleaning, and video inspection of sewer main

✔ Installation of new gas lines
✔ Gas log installation
✔ Permanent gas lines for outdoor cooking, fire pits, etc.


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